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Why I've been Quiet Lately


I think my YouTube viewers should know why I've not been making many videos lately. Over a month ago, I had a breakdown, and ended up having to call a suicide crisis line. I learned that the kinds of issues I was having are the kind one has when their interactions with others are primarily online.

As a result - I have made a decision to put my offline life first. I am not abandoning my online life, or abandoning YouTube - but it is a lower priority than it used to be, and I am therefore producing fewer videos.

And I am doing very well socially. :) I am making friends, and real social connections. :) And I am in general becoming more socially mature. :)

Petition to the APA

In my latest YouTube video, I discuss a petition which is being made to the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

The petition (http://tinyurl.com/3nmncl) is to remove Dr.s Zucker, Blanchard, and Lawrence from the workgroup on Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders in the taskforce for preparing DSM-V, which will be the next version of the APA's diagnostic manual.

I signed this petition --- and encourage others to do the same.

Up till now, the diagnosis for transsexuals has been "gender identity disorder" - which views us as having a psychiatric condition.

As work begins on the DSM-V, the trans community is gearing up to demand that the next version of the APA's diagnostic manual include us in the least stigmatizing manner possible.

But it's time to also begin putting the heat on the American Medical Association to recognize transsexuality as what it really is -- a medical condition.

But how is it possible to do this when there are no clear medical symptoms? Well -- the only reason clearly defined medical symptoms haven't been found is because doctors insist on examining us based on standards written for who we are not inside -- rather than for who we are inside. And that is the mindset that needs to change.

Visit this video's YouTube page to see me explain.

Response to: The Fun of Drunks

In response to Asher's account of how this Greg person caused trouble in his family ---- I inform Asher that I share in his outrage at Greg --- and give Kudos to Asher's family for having stood up for him.

Visit this video's page on YouTube!!

Four New YouTube Videos

Here are the links to my four latest YouTube videos -- and their summaries.

Rotary Epilators and Hateful Comments

Video Image Here

First, I explain why I prefer a waxing regimen as a means of dealing with my chest-hair, instead of a rotary epilator.

Then, I reflect upon a hate comment I received to my previous video - and on how sad and miserable the person who left that comment must be.

Re: Concerns on Emails.

Video Image Here

Prompted by a video by WinterWinwin, I reflect upon how tragic it is that many transwomen are unable to transition until they get to the point that they are willing to risk their very lives in the effort --- how many lives are lost altogether - and how many years are lost from the lives that are not completely lost altogether.

Congratulations, Tegan!! (was: I'm full time! Part 2)

Video Image Here

Congratulations to Tegan for finally going full-time! I wish her the best of luck with the rest of her transition, and the rest of her life which lies beyond that.

Re: Fear and Transsexuality

Video Image Here

Prompted by Charlotte's presentation on fear and how it affects transsexuals, I analyze what I see the makings of courage are -- and how it can aid transsexuals.

Breast Growth and Chest Improvement

In my latest YouTube video, I discuss two new developments in my life --

(1) I finally have hit another milestone in my breast growth, and am finally going to start to need a bra for purposes other than my appearance.

(2) I finally have a strategy for keeping my chest-hair under control for as much of the time as possible.

The Trans Agenda

You've heard demagogues and right-wing bigots warn you of a so-called Gay Agenda. But brace yourselves for what comes next!

Finally Igora Egalitaria announces and explains the Transgender Agenda -- the force that will change the world with it's ambition of World Acceptance.

Infighting in the Trans Community

There are enough people outside the trans community who hate us just for being who we are. But what's really ridiculous is that we also have to deal with haters *within* the community!

That's at least what I feel when I learn that the first serious flame-attack against me on YouTube isn't from some right-wing Fundamentalist, but (as I discuss in my latest video) from someone within the trans community!

In my latest video, I explain why I see that it is oh so important to avoid using the terms "transsexual" and "transgender" interchangeably - and go briefly into how important issues get muddled if one makes this mistake.

Overuse of FFS -- the Transsexual Anorexia

Some transsexual women genuinely need Facial Feminization Surgery -- however, there are many transsexual women who don't, yet feel so strongly that they need it that they will pay for it with money that they could have otherwise saved for other things, such as SRS.

In my latest video, I discuss how body-image issues that all women may, when affecting transwomen, be mistaken for transsexual body-immage issues, thus making transition even more difficult than it needs to be.